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An intelligent mind of a businessman who pioneer green tea market into value of 13,000 million baht with bare hands; he is Mr. Tan Passakornnatee. The legend of turning crisis into gold, he derives from a million debts into a billionaire. Today, his dream is to build no.1 business and give back by providing education opportunity and create balance in business, environment and society.
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Teamwork is the efficiency principle. We give role to every worker, no matter the position. We inspect our team closely to value in work and proud in self.
Mr. Tan Passakornnatee

Tan Passakornnatee, an establisher of Oishi Group co., ltd., the business group of food and beverage which has the most sharing market then. Afterwards, he has sold major share to Thai Beverage co. and resign from the board.

In 2010, 9th September, Tan Passakornnatee has build Mai Tan co., ltd. to run beverage business and has been changed into Ichitan Group co., ltd.


Tan Passakornnatee born 4th April 1959, he is the youngest child from 6 siblings in emigrated Chinese family and settle down in Thailand, Cholburi. His family income status wasn’t well being, he has stopped his education in 9th grade (Matayom 3). When he is 17 yrs. he started his first job as a labor and get paid 700 baht per month. Well, he is a businessman so he borrowed 50,000 baht. from his father and sister to invest in book shop at Cholburi bus station. Then, he expanded his business into gift shop, bakery shop, sukiyaki restaurant and many others, also a building until he was in a real estate business.

Unfortunately, in 1997 the economy crisis has crashed Tan Passakornnatee. He drown in the biggest debt in his life and end up by selling all of his asset at that time. The light of his life is Mrs. Sunisa (Ing) Passakornnatee, his wife who was the supporter and cheers him to fight back.

In 1999, Tan began his new life in Bangkok with wedding studio business and expanded to Japanese buffet which became talk of the town. Then, follow up with Oishi Green Tea that increase share value to 200 million baht in 5 years.

Tan Paskornnatee has written many best selling pocket books to inspire younger age. “KamTan”(word of Tan) is inspiring quotes from Tan. “Withee (Mai) Tan” (Method of Tan) is filled with his 30 years of business experience which has been reprinted over than 10 times. By the way, all of this book profit is donated to Tan Pan foundation.

At the present, Tan Passakornnatee married with Sunisa (Ing) Passakornnatee, had two childs; Get and GlaiGlai, and one child from his first wife is Warisa (Gift) Passakornnatee.

My Promise

Once I have been asked “have you ever dream to be successful as today?”, here my answer: Today is beyond my dream. My success comes from “opportunity”.

30 years ago, “My First opportunity” was to be accepted as a labor, and became a deliver. At that time, I’ve got a chance to learn the work. When I started my book shop, I received opportunity from older and friends. Then, I was in million debt, there are hands reach out to help me to pass the crisis. Now, what I have today is come from those providers, so I truly appreciate the goodness of giving. Today, I can give my family the stability, I dare not say I’m rich but I’m sufficient.

I have a lovely family; I receive every support from my wife; that’s the perfect of life. My meaning of happiness is now changed.

30 years ago, my happiness is “successful and money”. But today happiness is to give back the opportunity to pay it forward.

I’d love to say that describe my business experiences has become my intend work as a provider. “Smile” from sufferer is my happiness. I was given, but now I’m ready and able to be a giver. I’m sufficient, I’d enough and I’m satisfied.

So, in establishing Ichitan Group co., ltd. 50% of mine and my wife dividend will be donated to Tan Pan foundation since the first procedure. When I’m 60 years old, 9th September 2019, I will increase this fund to 90% forever to improve the education and environment which is my intention to pay back the society and nature that I was given. So that they will pay it forward to next generation.

9 years from now on, I’ll build Ichitan Group co., ltd. to be a business for mission of Tan Pan Foundation. My goal onward is not to “receive” but to “give”. My happiness is not in numbers but “smiles” of “the given”. I believe we can’t choose how to born, but we can choose who to be. Today I’ve chosen.

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