Our Company
Teamwork is the efficiency principle. We give role to every worker, no matter the position. We inspect our team closely to value in work and proud in self.

Ichitan Group might be only small and young company, but our team is the key of our success. They are beyond worker but they are the heart who builds us today “Ichitan Group”.

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Mission & Vision
We are a mission business. Our goal is to be a leader of quality drink and fast innovation which walk along with better society.

Management of Ichitan Group is working as a family. Everyone has area of responsible and creation to develop their potential and bring the best out. They are able to be part of planning and direct their department to boost the unity environment.

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee

Position : Chairman and CEO Ichitan Group

Mr. Thanapan Kongnanta

Position : EVP Ichitan Group – Beverage Department

Mr. Wiroj Supasoon

Position : EVP Ichitan Group – Factory Deparment

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