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First and final factory that has latest technology of Auto Warehouse System valued over 3.5 Billion Baht. The intelligent technology is processing automatically from the very first production to final stage of stowage. Ichitan Green Factory is also a drink factory with Cold Aseptic Filling Technology system which reduces energy usage, material cost, maintain product quality and save the environment simultaneously. Besides, our factory has been set the best waste water treatment and garbage to take care the environment. Our waste becomes cycling energy and reuse, only few of waste thrown away from our factory. We love to keep pure water resource, air, and trees in the community as it always are.
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Our Leader
An intelligent mind of a businessman who pioneer green tea market into value of 13,000 million baht; he is Mr. Tan Passakornnatee.
Ichitan Organic Green Factory

First and final factory that has latest technology of Auto Warehouse System valued over 3.5 Billion Baht. This is a long-term improvement of production and deleted the human error problem which always happens in every industry. We take the principle “less is more”: work less gain more.


Our productivity is 600 million bottles and 200 million UHT per year or 600 bottles per minute. When the factory phase II open, this statistic will increase more than one time. Now, we are the highest productivity factory in Thailand while using less than 100 workers.

Green Factory

Ichitan Organic Green Factory settled on 120,000 sq.m. in usable area over 50,000 sq.m. It has been designed in concept of Greennovation follow the intention of nature respect and least disturbs them. We have imported Cold Aseptic Filling Technology which is the latest technology. This system reduces energy usage for 36% but maintains food benefit better than old system for 5 times. In boiling tea, this system work with temperature only 135 C in 4 seconds, so the vitamins and food benefit still remains. And we filling tea in temperature of 25-35 C so that we can reduce the thickness of plastic bottle, another way to save the world.


In every beverage factory, there is plenty of wasted water. Ichitan Organic Green Factory has set a complete waste water treatment to use them as cycling energy efficiency.

Since 2011, the flood has brought the consciousness of environment. Mr. Tan wished factory to be a part of nature caring with all of us. That is the origin of Ichitan Organic Factory.

“We can’t stop using nature but we can reduce and respect”

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